3 Work outfits for under $100

Hasn’t the weather just taken a giant turn around in the last few weeks? One day my Insta friends in Sydney are Posting lovely beach shots while people in Perth are reaching for their umbrellas and the next day it has reversed.
My teaching wardrobe has has a huge shakeup over the last few weeks with our move. With the addition of some great versatile pieces.

With affordability always on the top of my list I’ve made sure my additions all come in under $100.


I’ve had my eye on many different culottes lately but for just love the versatility of these Black wide leg crop pants from Katie's $59.95. Add a splash of colour with this Target Flutter sleeve top – sunset $29.00. Add some black flats to complete the outfit.


Now that the weather is warmer it’s time to let the legs out a bit while being careful to keep it modest. Katie's studio east textured striped skirt $59.95 .
Monochrome is always timeless so I have added Millers Black sleeveless blouse $30.00. Throw on some pointed flats as you head out the door and you are ready for work.


There are so many great ways to dress up a shirt dress or keep it simple with the addition of sneakers. If you follow me over on Instagram you will know that sneakers are a regular addition to my daily wardrobe. I am looking forward to wearing this lovely Surafina Epson shirt dress on sale for $74.99. With the simple addition of a pair of sneakers and a necklace or scarf. The sneakers pictured here are from Target.

Workwear can still be comfortable as well as stylish. What are your favourite go to pieces for work? You can follow me over on Instagram and keep watching for how I style these work wear pieces.

Jules x

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Cut the crap – tips for moving

So life just got a touch crazier this last week, and instead of hiding in the corner I have decided to roll with the changes. We are moving in 1 week.
Moving house can be a stressful time but also a great time to cull all those items you thought you needed but didn’t.

This is our third move in five years and Mr T + T will be at work for this one (FIFO).
There have been some days where the momentum is lost and the cupboards or draws are open and then shut because it all just seems overwhelming.

If you have those cupboards where items are put to sort later, then they will one day become like the ghost of Christmas past and come back to haunt you.

My advice is don’t wait till you move, but if you are then it’s time to cut the crap.

    Here are my tips for culling

Items you haven’t used it in a year

Sometimes illogical thinking that maybe we will use an item again or wear that dress when we loose those 10kg can leave us becoming hoarders. Even though it is nice to think that MAYBE we will get to wear that special outfit again or use that treadmill that has become an additional close rack for a year, it is time to be honest with yourself and a great opportunity to sell those items.

Picture your new home

Ask yourself the question; When I move to my new house what do I want it to feel and look like?
The ornament collection you loved 10 years ago may not be what you like now (bye bye cow collection). There will be items that hold sentimental value and you want to keep but if there was a fire, after making sure your loved ones and pets were safe what would you bring with you?

Throw it / donate / keep it

Now is the time to stop overthinking it. Gather three boxes per room if needed and label them – Donate, throw and keep. Try and have a friend or family member to assist that you know will be honest and brutal. If you have to pause to think about whether to keep or give away an item then don’t keep it. When you have sorted everything into boxes then remove the temptation to dip into the donate or throw boxes by immediately removing them the house.

Don’t forget when the going gets tough and you are sorting through your items remember to picture your new house minus the clutter and how you want it to look. If you are struggling with where to start with organising your move then I have included a fantastic printable checklist. Subscribe below to download and print your checklist.

Jules x

Not a Mum Bra

Not a Mum Bra

At the end of the day after walking through my front door and taking my shoes off, my bra is always the second thing to be removed. Wires have not been my friend over the years and I have searched for a bra with the right support that doesn’t look like a mum bra. 

Thanks to Curvy, I had the chance to trial out two bras that definely don’t fit the mum bra image; Curvy specialises in Plus Size Bras from sizes D – k. 

Triumph Triaction Endurance Sports Bra

Ideally I like to end my day with some exercise and boxing is a favourite, as a D cup wearer I don’t like to have my breasts flowing over the top when I exercise and I like to feel supported when I am Exercising . The Straps can be worn as standard or cross-back and with Gel cushion straps for ultimate comfort; the triumph traction bra ticks all the boxes for me and I didn’t even notice that they had wires in them after wearing them all day . 


Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift & Support Wire free Bra

I must admit any bra that promises to uphold my breasts for 18 hours had me feeling a bit sceptical especially minus the underwire. As soon as I put them on I was impressed with 
 Wide and cushioned straps that did not dig in or slip all day.
 This bra has a Smooth and seam free design that left me able to wear fitted tops without bra lines
and Cool fabric, which meant no uncomfortable overheating.
This bra comes in a Pretty floral fabric (I usually buy nude or black bras) the deep saphire blue was too pretty to resist and they come in 8 other great colours.  
At the end of the day I had totally forgotten that I even had my bra on until it was time for bed and I definitely recommend the Playtex 18 hour ultimate lift bra to any fellow underwire dislikers


Thanks to curvy I am giving one reader the chance to win a pair of Playtex 18 hour ultimate lift bra. All you have to do is finish this sentence in the comment section below : My breasts deserve a pair of comfortable bras ……………,. Entries close on 15th of October and will be chosen on creativity. Open to Australian residents only and only one entry per person.

Jules x


What are you worth ?

“Thanks for that “. Feeling like I was being dismissed , I walked out feeling deflated , got in my car and drove home that day and many more after that feeling shattered and robbed of my self worth. Piece by piece I was allowing my joy for my job and what it meant to me to be taken away. Have you ever asked yourself the question ; what am I worth ?

I would like to say that my worthless journey was short lived but Id be lying. It went on for way too long until one day I was driving home feeling exhausted on the same route passed the beach that I loved so much.
When was the last time I felt the sand under my feet ? It had been too long. I detoured that day back to the beach and feeling the sand under my feet and taking in a deep breath the reality hit me. Self worth comes from within and the value I place on myself is under my control.

Is it time to stop people from stealing from your self worth bank before the vault is empty?

If you are the person who works hard to make sure things run smoothly without flying your own flag propping up others can take a lot of work.

Some things to consider.

Your attitude towards yourself and your skills holds value. Self talk and fobbing off compliments from others about your skills is taxing and self denial. There is a difference between being humble and arrogant. It is ok to own your skills.

It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to people please. After all we all want to keep management happy with us. If our boss is happy with us then it makes work a happier place to be. Or does it ?

Finding yourself saying yes to everything and everyone can leave you spreading yourself too thin.

Reminding yourself that your achievements are what you do and how they make you feel, not how others perceive them.

Celebrate your achievements often after all you are worth it !

Jules x


What Homecoming is really like for a FIFO wife

Finally. You made lt through and entire swing (two , three or more weeks of your partner working away). You’re excited. Your image of homecoming is very much like a scene from one in an old war movie. You immaculately preened and if you have children they are standing by your side with no sign of Vegemite smears to be seen.

Head to any FIFO discussion forum and you will be amazed and impressed by the effort that many women put in to making sure they look fantastic for pick up day.
Waxed , shaved , tanned , hairstyled , manicured and outfit ready so that they can greet their loved ones in their best form.

Here is what my effort looks like.



Search madly for the perfect combination of effortlessly stylish while still being comfortable.


Cover up dark circles under eyes


Chase child around while putting clean clothes on her and wiping face.
Run out the door with child under one arm,carrying bag and putting shoes on.

Drive to the airport as quickly as possible while keeping within speed limit. Arrive late because plane arrived early or waiting because plane is 3 hours late.

Then this moment happens and I realise that all the preparation was all worth it.

Jules x


What FIFO wives don’t share

Climbing into bed after checking on my girls it hit me that in 3 days my husband would be home.
The homestretch to homecoming is exciting and also filled with emotion and many thoughts that most FIFO wives don’t share.

The countdown is always noted with 10,9,8,7…….. more sleeps with our children and at times there will be some tears from our youngest with no words but the understanding is there and we know that we miss him. We sit in silence and cuddle for a while. The phone rings and we are excited. The chatter comes easier for the girls and any of our other children who are visiting. I recount my daily events and try to keep the conversation light. I want to share so many small things during our conversations but I am mindful of how I would feel if I was the one who was away.

You see for the past 11 days I have kept myself very busy and tried not to allow myself to think about how much I miss him. It is what I need to do to get through the time that he is away working. When my love is away the house beats to a different drum. The routine is one that has developed over many evenings of Oh that was a crap start or end to the day thoughts while consuming a glass of red. Some days are a mad rush of grab and run to get to work on time after daycare drop off and after making sure our girl gets to work on time other days are a giant fist pump in the air with time to spare.

I am excited , worried , overwhelmed and slightly nervous at the same time as the day approaches.
There is a sense of wanting to hold on tight to keeping it together and a simple exhaustion that has begun to creep in and make me slightly cranky. Simple things change my strong stance to a blubbering fool such as a song on the radio , a picture or a mere mention of a memory. Silly thoughts enter my head ; What if I have changed , will he like the new doona cover?, What will we talk about?.

Pick up day is here and I am overwhelmed as he walks through the airport gate or towards the car. He is here but there is a slight awkwardness as we drive home and we navigate the shift of change that has taken place over the two weeks. Simple things like new cup choices and food likes and dislikes plus who chooses whats for dinner change the beat of the drum and just as we find a new rhythm it changes again as it is time already to fly back to work.

Farewells are quick and emotional on fly out morning and although it never gets easier the familiarity of the routine kicks in and keeps life flowing in the knowledge that this is what we need to do for now.
Do you have routines that help you keep things flowing when your partner is away?

Jules x


Tips for Living with your adult child

If your day includes: picking up Dirty towels left on the bathroom floor, driving lessons at the end of a full day of work , three extra trips in the car to the shops, workplaces or party drop off/pick up on the weekend then you are more than likely parenting a young adult. Sharing space and navigating a new relationship where as a parent, you aren’t the big decisions maker can come with more than a few bumps in the road. The road can vary and experience has taught me a few things that have helped me become a bit more alert and better at sharing the road. If living harmoniously is your goal then without question; here are some tips for living with your young adult .

We all change as we mature. Our interests change over time and life experiences shape who we are and our perspective on life. It can be comfortable to continue relating to your young adult in the same way as you have but learning how to support them while they develop their independence in the world means that there will be changes.

Words hold power.
There will be choices in your child’s life that you may not understand such as: friendships,music, tattoos/piercings, relationships or career choices. Focus on using words that make your Son or daughter know that you are happy to see them and be in their company rather than putting conditions on the relationship.

Set boundaries together.
Personal space is important to maintaining a healthy relationship. I have never entered my children’s bedrooms or cleaned them unless I was asked to retrieve something once they reached 16. Even though it made me cringe at the mess, I found that constantly nagging them to clean up their room made them more determined not to. Say it once; ask nicely and shut the door so you cant see it. When it comes to partners or friends sleeping over you still call the shots, it is still your house and you need to feel comfortable with the people who enter it.

Make sure expectations are clear.
Clear expectations in regard to responsibilities such as: cleaning , care of pets , laundry etc and how they are now shared can prevent arguments. Don’t assume that it’s just understood.

Take a step back.
Watching your child grow into an adult is a cross between satisfying and heartbreaking at the same time. Some of your time now belongs to you, but the worry can be constant as you are more aware of the world out there than they are. Remembering than you can’t always call the shots now is tough, especially when they make decisions that you know could result in regret for them down the track. I have friends who have regrets of getting large tattoos of animals, partners names in places that cannot be hidden or spending years in a relationship that was not healthy. These things are personal choices and ones that you as a parent will often have to take the back seat for.

Don’t be a pushover.
Moving towards a more grown up relationship doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be respected. Make it clear that some rules remain the same, your child is an adult now so expect them to act like one. Shouting , swearing and threats are not acceptable ways to communicate. Rules about what goes on in your house are not negotiable. Also Remember that your words hold power when communicating with them so choose them wisely and give yourself some distance if you feel that your tongue may get you in trouble.

Find a financial system that works for both you and your adult child and run with it.
This can vary, licencing and insurance of their car is always a good place to start. If charging rent is not viable in the agreement due to circumstances then your adult child can make other contributions to the family such as fixing dinner, mowing lawns or extra household duties; they may not like the idea when presented to them, but you aren’t running a hotel. If the exchange is reasonable and not overly time demanding then they will feel like they are gaining a fair exchange. Purchases of extra personal care products beyond the necessities such as: toothpaste, toothbrushes , soap , deoderant and toothpaste in our house have always been met by our children once they were earning a fulltime wage.

Whether you like it or not your child will grow up. Spending hours being consumed by trying to please them is not healthy; if the arrangement doesn’t work then not living together is a better option for your relationship. As heartbreaking as that may seem at the time ,you will both benefit in the long term with a healthier relationship.



There is always an element of struggle and juggle going on if you are a working parent. The struggle to be good at the most important role of parenting and being a kick ass employee. In amongst this somewhere is taking care of you. To do this somethings have to be let go of and somedays your mantra will just be ‘NOT TODAY’.

I count myself as one of the lucky people , I get to work in a job that I am super passionate about and when im at work I give 100% to being present and to my Job. I also get to work with incredibly dedicated people (always a bonus) but in order to do this in a high intensity job means that many days can end in exhaustion (not the best way to enter into parenting mode). Mr T + T works away for 8 months of the year and our youngest child is 3. Walking in the door at home means you need to be prepared for all the requests for Food , stories and my favourite part cuddles. I was dragging myself through the door and grumpy. Running on empty and two iron transfusions later. The reality hit me hard.

Something has to give
Always the hardest thing to do is admit it to yourself that you aren’t wonderwoman and you don’t have super human strength to draw on at the end of the day. Then it is a matter of making some tough decisions on what is going to go; giving up my cape but keeping the boots for me meant dropping a day off work. So its what I did. But It took me 3 weeks to officially do it because I was in denial. I was self talking myself into keeping the cape but when I did it It felt great. On my day home It is just about being Mum and having fun.

I am learning that sometimes you just need to say ‘NOT TODAY’.

Jules x

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FIFO Dads – Not just babysitters

Sitting in the emergency room with our sick 3 year old, I watched as a man came running in with pockets full of water bottles and a spray bottle announcing proudly that he needed to please be let back into the hospital because his wife was inside in labour. I was reminded of the important role that my husband plays in our children’s lives along with the poor choice of words that stung him and I, spoken by a stranger in a supermarket.

“How lovely of you to babysit your daughter”, said the stranger in a supermarket. Of course my quick witted husband had a polite comeback (one of his many admirable qualities). It is something we discuss often; the poor press that Dads get of being babysitters and how FIFO dads have it easy missing out on the messy parts of parenting.

Here is where I let you in on a secret….. Mr T + T does messy better than me, in fact he is the master of it. If our children have ever wanted to jump in muddy puddles or make a giant painting using your hands and feet that results in a giant mess, he has always been happy to say yes.

From my years of being a FIFO Wife I have learnt that:
• FIFO dads miss all parts of family
life including the mess.
• It is important for Dads to be
involved in parenting decisions while
they are away and at home.
Communicate – Snapchat,
Skype, Facetime, text, send photos and
talk on the phone. Keeping connected
is important to everyone’s mindset.
• Don’t waste hours on FIFO sites where
it is all about people bitching about
how crappy their partners are as Dads.
You will only find yourself sucked
into the negative vortex.
• Step back and give your partner space
to parent and be involved in the daily
jobs when they are on rostered time
home. Understand that they will more
than likely do things differently to

Parenting is a rollercoaster ride and Dads need to hear that they are doing a good job just as much as Mums do.


Pinafore – Seven days , Seven ways

The 80s and 90s hold some great fashion memories for me.. as well as some feelings of “lets hide that photo!” What I loved the most is the opportunity to step outside your fashion comfort zone and put a personal touch to the current style. There are so many different ways to style those wardrobe favourites , it is just a matter of adding a scarf or adding accessories. Be creative!

A friend recently stated that there are some clothing items that should never be worn once you reach 40. Now those are challenging words and I love a challenge. So I am starting with one item at a time to dispel the fashion myths. The pinafore for me was a favourite so I decided to style my ASOS Pinafore 7 ways for 7 days.

Day 1
Similar (iconic grey jumper) and Jodi sneakers Rubi shoes and Navy/white/copper necklace from All that glitters (gifted).

Day 2 Simplicity
Drag up White cotton shirt with black flats (similar here from Spendless)


Day 3
Worn with striped shirt and a dash of mustard. Similar one can be found here ; Oversided Jersey tee, Mustard crochet trim scarf and Boots spendless


Day 4
With the addition of a Grey Shirt over the top my pinafore became a skirt. Similar – SheIn Grey V kneck blouse worn with leopard print flats.


Day 5
Casual style for a day of fun – Similar pink letter t-shirt – SheIn


Day 6 –
A day of meetings – layered with Empress eleven EE longline tunic underneath for warmth.(gifted) and Belle curve Ponte blazer from target.


Day 7 : Weekend style
Lunch with friends on a warmer day. Time to let the shoulders see some sun.
Dorothy Perkins Bardot top and Peep toe pumps (purchased a few years ago) together with Navy/white/copper necklace from All that glitters (gifted).

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing that you would love to wear again?

Jules x

Some of the items I wore are not available so I have provided links to items that are similar. This post also contains some affiliate links, which means if you click to buy the item, I earn a little commission but you don’t pay any extra.