Hair Style

Bad haircuts, hairstyles we regret or just want to hide all photo evidence of having, most of us have been there.

Many of us as Parents are guilty of having a go at saving money or just thinking, it’s only a trim how hard can it be when it comes to our kids haircuts. Over my childhood I had many bad haircuts, but I would have say that one of the worse ones I had was the famous bowl cut. Who on earth invented this idea, because they have a lot to answer to.

Me at 8 years old with my brother and the famous bowl cut,

Me at 8 years old with my brother and the famous bowl cut,

One of my first pay packets was spent on going to the hairdressers to get my haircut with my magazine cut out pic in hand of what I wanted. I think back then it was the 80s hair flick. Now what I love the most about visiting the hairdressers is the lovely head massages when getting my hair washed and my photos of colours or cuts are a bit more realistic.

Today was a special occasion as Miss Moos had her first haircut at my usual hairdressers. We made sure Mr T + T was home for it and she was a superstar. She sat in my lap and happily had her hair trimmed. Our hairdresser
Was quick and very careful to keep the scissors out of sight from Miss Moo. I really think this is important as the mear sight of sharp scissors can be scarey for young children.
Miss Moos end comment when she looked at the result in the mirror was ‘Wow ‘ and a big thank you.

When was your last Wow haircut, colour or style, and did you really let the stylist know that you were impressed?

Enjoy the moments
Jules x