It seems like yesterday that you were reading bedtime stories together. It must have been only last week that you were sitting up at midnight sewing together a cape made out of a sheet because tomorrow was dress up as something starting with the letter S and you only just found out.

Standing in front of you rolling their eyes and making their presence well known is your baby, but instead of tugging at your pants or skirt for attention they are now looking you in the eye.

    Your now Parenting a teen

    The world has more than likely changed a little since you were a teen (It wasn’t that long right). So hand me the manual you say. Sorry but I’m still waiting for that now we are on the journey with number 4.

    Welcome Aboard

    Welcome Aboard

    As parents we can often feel like we are on a mystery tour with no given time in between stops and the possibilities of detours are endless.

    Who wants to jump on and take a ride with me on the hormone express? It’s a ride at your own peril journey that we have all been unwilling riders when growing up and the time we spend travelling on it can vary.

    So how can we be supportive train guards? It can be tough keeping your lips zipped when all hormonal hell breaks loose and even tougher when the viper lash of your
    teen hits you in raw places.

      Handy hints to survive the Journey

      So how do you survive the journey of parenting teens without too many injuries.

      1. Give them space
      2. Breathe
      3. Don’t enter into the banter /
      4. Be realistic and clear with your
      expectations but don’t be a doormat
      5. Treat each day like a new one with a
      fresh start and expect the best.
      6. Before you jump in with the verbal
      reprimands and I’m over this rants (
      Step back and give yourself some time
      before speaking.) There may be a
      subtler way of addressing the issue.
      7. Although you may not believe it today
      and it all seems like crap, the
      journey will get easier even though
      it can seem bloody long some days.
      8. Always make it clear that you love
      them and it’s the behaviour you don’t
      9. Try and do some fun things together
      or find some common interest. it can
      make it easier to laugh at the
      silliness of a situation later.
      10. Be kind to yourself. Behind closed
      doors hundreds of millions of parents
      are also taking the same perilous

      Enjoy the happy, fun moments with your teen even if they seem fleeting sometimes. After all they will be adults before too long (but that’s a post for another time).

      Jules x