Wardrobe shakeup

Over the last few months my wardrobe has had a huge shakeup with some items being rehomed and some items staying . when I say some I mean 1/2 my wardrobe . Scary stuff but it was time .

Most items were just hanging around with the promise of being worn again and this felt like I was robbing these items of the experience of being worn.
Other items were being held onto for the memories that were made while wearing them.

One special piece of clothing that I decided was not on the edit list was one special memory piece .
The first piece of clothing my mother brought me as an adult to wear on my first day of teaching .
The skirt was brought together on a special day out from a small boutique. I love the colours and fit.


The big question for me was where to start. I recommend that before you get started on your mission of sorting through your clothing you read the book :
The life – changing magic of tidying up ; the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by marie Kondo.
This book was brought to my attention by the lovely Maxabella Loves.

The author of The life – changing magic of tidying up ; the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing (Marie Kondo

    has fantastic tips for Discarding and storing clothing correctly. Asking questions such as ; Does it spark joy? and Do I want to see this outfit again next time it’s in season? Storing items so that they can be easily accessed and also with care not to torture the fabric , therefore shortening their life and condition.

    So I gathered all of my clothes in a pile and began the process of decluttering .

    All of my clothes before sorting

      waredrobe sort 1

        Questions I asked myself during the process of sorting

        1. Do you love this?
        2. Have you worn this?
        3. Does it suit you and your style now? (it may have looked good 5 years ago)

        Items to get rehomed

      waredrobe sort

      No one was allowed in the room during this process and I was amazed that it only took me 20minutes . Any items I hesitated with were put in the rehome pile.
      Now its time to fold and store my clothes for easier access . No more clothes hiding in the back of my draws and cupboard.
      I will be researching tutorials on You tube with step by step instructions on how to fold my clothes and store them in my draws.
      I look forward to sharing my own video next week.

      There are so many great causes to donate the clothes that you are rehoming to so I recommend you check your local charities.
      I will be dropping my clothing off to the local Woman’s refuge & Pregnancy Problem house.
      Stay tuned for more to come next week.
      You can also follow my restyling journey on Instagram

      Enjoy the Moments
      Jules x