Is it just me or do other parents love to watch their kids using their imaginations while playing?

A cardboard box becomes a time machine or a place to hide and jump out of and play scare the Mummy or Daddy. I even watched our Miss Moo this morning upended one of her toy tubs then climb into it with her teddies and pretended to go off for a ride, calling out let’s go to the beach.

In a world full of technology where kids are growing up faster than we ever did as parents. Where kids are struggling with their creative writing and our teens are searching for creative inspiration, how can we help nurture our children’s imaginations?

    Provide opportunities

Dress ups, boxes & cardboard tubes, a play tent or Teepee, building blocks, puppets & figurines are just some items.
Cardboard tubes can become telescope, a flute or a pair of binoculars.
A play tent can be a cave, camping tent or rocket ship.
Blocks are versatile and can change from being a house, bridge and road or a wall.

Model & encourage

    Spend some time getting in on the action and have some fun dressing up and modelling imaginative play with your kids and encourage them with the language you use. ” Wow look at you princess, fireman, captain……….
    Build something together and use your voice to make the puppet or figurine come to life.
    Make a cubby out of sheets and a table.


Start as early as possible and make it often. Use your local library to access a variety of books. You can read my previous article about books here.

As your kids get older encourage creative thinking through conversations and scenery. Set an example by stepping back from technology on a regular basis.
Take them to see live theatre if you are able to.

Maybe Albert Einstein was right when he said ;

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand,
while imagination embraces the entire world,
and all there ever will be to know and understand.

What do you think?

Enjoy the moments
Jules x