Our FIFO Life

Its Friday and I’m celebrating the end to a crazy week in the T + T house .
I for one am celebrating as we speak that year 12 Exams are over for our Miss Teen for now.
We celebrated our eldests birthday (23yrs wow where the heck did that go) , work for me was very busy and Miss Moo cut some more teeth.
Add all this and the fact that Mr T & T was at work would possibly make you think I lost the plot.
Well I’ll be honest I very well could have but I had my awesome hubby along for the ride.
Sure he wasn’t here physically but he was there with me listening and talking with me on the phone and via text and I knew it.

night-shift for Mr T + T

Nightshift for Mr T + T

While this was happening at T + T headquarters Mr T + T was working in dirt and mud.
We have been a FIFO family for 4 years now.
When I used to ask him how his day was his usual reply used to be it was just another day. Some days it used to be me doing all the talking and it was pretty frustrating. On days when things weren’t going as smoothly as I liked I used to think how lucky he was that he had meals made for him each day and no cleaning to do. The ugly resentfulness started to creep in to our relationship. Reading too much on FIFO social media forums that were negative didn’t help. I had always been a glass half full person and I suddenly found myself becoming the T + T house Grinch.

It all came to a head with a conversation Mr T + T and I had beginning with our usual debate of who had it better.
Realising we weren’t getting anywhere and this path was possibly destructive we asked each other the big question; Why are we doing this? If you are a FIFO family I really do recommend that you do this as It helps keep things in perspective .
For us its about building our house with as little debt as possible. So Im not going to go all DR Phil on you but I am going to share what worked / works for us.

Questions to ask each other and yourself

    What is our goal/ goals? (Not just long term ones but on R & R as well, make plans)

    What is life like for you when you are at work/ I am at work? (Remember it’s not a contest of who has it tougher)

    What helps ? (when you are apart how can you keep the communication open, yes you are both tired but a quick SMS or picture sent can make a world of difference)

    How can I show you that I appreciate you and what you do?

    How can I take care of myself when we are apart ? (No one needs to be a superhero here, being burnt out only adds to stress)

    Its 4 more sleeps in the T+T house and Mr T + T will be here with us physically. Miss Moo is busy surprising her Daddy with a new Vegie patch we created with some help from her big brother Mr Wings and perfecting her cooking skills .
    These are photos we sent to Mr T & T to show him what we have been up to.

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    Enjoy the Moments
    Jules x

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