Show your clothes some love


How many pieces of clothing do you own?

Two weeks ago I put all my clothing into a pile and tackled what I initially thought was going to be a mammoth task – Sorting and rehoming my clothes. With this task complete I came to the next step in my journey ; Storing my clothes properly .

How many of us are guilty of pulling out all the items that were once neatly folded from out draws in a mad search for a specific tshirt or other item then in a mad rush shoving them back in the draw only to go through the process again of folding them.

Stacking clothes on top of each other makes it difficult to find what we are looking for in a hurry and also takes up valuable storage space that many of us struggle with. Not everyone has a massive amount of wardrobe space.
As I mentioned in my post Wardrobe Shakeup.

I was very keen to make and upload my own video demonstrating how fold tshirts and pants but was so impressed with these great video demonstartions below by Lavendaire that I decided to share them with you instead (with her blessing of course).

    Folding T-Shirts & Tank Tops

Folding Pants

For my current storage space folding all my clothes was not going to work so I only folded my T-Shirts , Tank tops and shorts.


I have been busy planning my storage options to ensure all my clothes and accessories are accessable.
If you follow the link below and pop over to PINTEREST you can take a look and follow my ideas.

Not having to rummage through my wardrobe and being to see what I have has saved me many hours over the last few weeks. I am now able to see what I have and put together new outfits while also following along with I love that skirts challenge to #rediscoveryourwardrobe.

Way too good not to share and finish the week with are these beautiful words by Lavendaire about Being Present.

Changing your thinking to wear and buy what you love is a journey I am thankful I have started.

Enjoy the moments
Jules x