Spread Happiness


Some days don’t you just wish you could get up in the morning, turn on the cartoons (you know, the ones that are probably politically incorrect now such as roadrunner, Sylvester & tweety or bugs bunny) and stay in your pjs until lunch time.

Sure being a grown up has its perks, but sometimes a couple of hours of just enjoying sitting or having a laugh would be great, right?

That awesome feeling of endless possibilities and seeing the world with wonder, if only we could have bottled it to access as adults.
I wanted to hand bottles of that out today to everyone I came into contact with.

Since there were no bottles of endless possibilities and wonder to hand out, it was literally a put on my big girl panties day for me.

So instead of letting it get me down, I whipped up a big bowl of you’re awesome and dished out as many servings as I could to anyone who came into my path. By the time it came to the afternoon, although I was tired, I felt happy that I’d helped lift a couple of people’s spirits at least

So I’m all for blasting your favourite song in the car at the end of the end of a long day and singing at the top of your lungs, or riding on the trolley next time you are shopping.

After all life’s about enjoying the little moments!

Jules x

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