Wear what you love – May

Learning to wear what I love in May has been a fun journey .
I have always had a love affair with clothes but limited myself to wearing what I though I should wear rather than what I really love. Comfort and affordability are still very important to me but versatility and staying power speak much louder to me than before my Wardrobe Shakeup.

    What I wore in May

      My wardrobe additions

      May additions

      Some great pieces that I have added to my wardrobe this month pictured above are:
      A Shift dress – the one pictured above is from katies. The one I purchased and wore on Instagram is no longer available but there are some great alternatives out currently which are perfect for layering and wearing all year round.

      A pair of ponte pants. I know everyone is raving about these but after my recent wardrobe shakeup, I kept mine which I purchased 2 years ago and have been worn a lot over that time. Plus they are comfortable.

      A white shirt. Mine is from the sale rack at Millers who always seem to have great wardrobe staple items at affordable prices. I’m loving the black detailing on the white Placket shirt pictured above in my style board.

      The vest and poncho knit are both from Katies and are currently on sale .
      Being the bargain hunter that I am, I may have let out a few choice words under my breath when these two items went on sale within two weeks of purchasing them proving that it does pay to hold off purchasing items for a few weeks if you can.

      I have never been a big wearer of hats but I truly love the look and feel of this wool one from Target. I have trouble finding hats that fit well so was very happy to find one with 57cm sizing that won’t give me a headache (one of the reasons so far why I haven’t enjoyed wearing hats is because of this).

      Im looking forward to continuing to following along with
      the weekly Instagram challenges for #MonocromeMonday , #Wearwithuswednesday and the great challenge to #rediscoveryourwardrobe in June.
      Id love you to join me on Instagram in the challenge to #wearwhatyoulove.

      This post or my purchases were not sponsored. Just items that I believe can be worn more than a few times and in different ways.

      Don’t forget to wear what you love.

      Jules x