Big foot deserves beautiful shoes to

Big Foot was not a legend when i was growing up. In my mind it was me. Heading out to all the shoe sales with my friends only to be disillusioned that the prettiest shoes were all size 5 or 6. Then purchasing the one pair of size 10 shoes in the whole shop.

Pretending to love the plain matronly designed shoes I had stuffed my feet into, because all hell would freeze over before I admitted I took a size 11 shoe.

All three of our girls have inherited their larger feet from us so I have found myself spending hours on the hunt for nicer shoes over the years, and the choices at most shoe shops in larger sizes shoes is still disappointing or unaffordable to most people.

So I’m making it my mission this month to help all my fellow big foot ladies out. Im going to show you some great shoes that won’t break the budget, fit nicely and will give you that cinderella moment.

June style files on here and Instagram will be all about shoes for the beautiful big footed women who deserve nice shoes to.