Shopping with Peppa

Some days I am so very thankful for Peppa Pig, and other days I think if I hear that tune again today I will go crazy. It’s like a really bad forbidden love affair.

It’s not an all day, everyday tool but I just know if I need to use it its there.
When I’m in the shop. Stretching that shopping trip just as long as is needed to get to the front of the checkout line with Miss Moo in tow, who at the moment gets upset with the traffic lights being red when she wants to get home.

Before this I’ve tried the books in my bag, snacks, help mummy put items in the trolley or draw a picture on the shopping list. Then I find myself saying just this once, and pulling out my mobile phone then pressing the you tube icon. Then it’s all quiet from the trolley seat and a squeal of delight – Peppa.

I’ve learnt lots of things about Peppa and her family on the long waits in the checkout line or while waiting for Miss Teen. Daddy pig is able to run like a marathon runner if cake or sweets are involved, or is that me? Mummy pig has a great sarcastic sense of humour. Mummy and Daddy pig should have brought George two dinosaurs the same for when one gets lost. Peppa is really the boss of the house but noone knows it.

Miss Moos love of Peppa may be over soon but until then I really hope some new episodes come out soon. If you are ever lined up at the checkout or a large line waiting in a shop and hear that lovely Peppa pig tune, please take stock of the fact that we are all walking the walk and this isn’t necessarily a parent who sits their kids in front of the tv at home.
It’s just a parent trying to make it to the front of the line.

Enjoy the Moments
Jules x