For the love of shoes

I’ve come to the conclusion that I may have influenced my girls in their love for shoes .
I’m not exactly sure when it started, but I do remember the day I realised just how much Miss Teen would share my love for shoes.

Shopping with four kids under 7 was never one easy mission but Mr T + T and I always managed with our sanity mostly intact. Usually if one of the boys ran off we could find them in the toy aisle. That’s where most children would go right?
Well Miss Teen (3 at the time) decided to take her turn on one of our regular shopping trips. Searching madly through the toy section and then moving on to the confectionary aisle our search became frantic. Moving through the aisles at great speed I caught a glimpse of a large pile of shoes in the middle of the shoe aisle, and our Miss Teen sitting in the middle of the large pile of shoes. While most children enjoy browsing the toy section on shopping trips , Miss Teen could have happily spent hours browsing the shoe department.

When I told my girls that I was going to share our love for shoes and places for size 10 + to purchase them their reaction was priceless. Excitement would be a understatement.

I shared big foot deserves nice shoes with you here on the blog.
One thing I did not mention is the considerations which may resonate with you that we take into consideration when searching for shoes. B1 (eldest daughter) takes a size 11 1/2 and has a longer thinner foot which means she does not fit pointed toed shoes well, Miss Teen has a lean foot and is a size 10 and i take a size 11 but have a wide foot.

Shoe shopping can be fun if you know where to go but the shine can disappear very quickly if you are constantly disappointed. So to help spread some larger shoe size magic I have taken some of the disappointment out your shoe shopping with some great suggestions below (not sponsored)