Teenage Dreams

Who was your band / singer crush as a teen?
For me it was INXS, Pseudo Echo, The Angels and 1927 to name a few.
I must confess though, my big secret crush was the Cars.


During my teen years, having posters up on the wall of your favourite bands or singers was the ‘in’ thing. Knowing all the words to every song that would be played over and over on your recorded cassette, because who had the money to buy one when you could record it for free when it came on the radio.

It’s great to reminisce, and in our house we love to listen to a mix of newer music and the music we enjoyed growing up.

Currently its all about music from the Wiggles and Justine Clark, which are both fine by me. Songs that I can use in the car to get Miss Moo (2) to struggle less when putting her seatbelt on, help get her dressed during the mad morning rush and get her teeth brushed without resistance are a winner in my book.

One early morning a few months ago I became traumatised and the teenage posters came crashing down with one click of the remote.

Yo Gabba Gabba was on, which is not a show we usually watch.
A guy with a bowl cut, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, that could outdo even the best ones from my childhood was singing. Then DJ Lance announced ” Thankyou ****** from the Cars”. At this moment I think I almost injured myself in the pursuit of the tv remote. “Turn it off! Change the Channel!” I shouted.
Too late, the posters were down. The cool guy who wore tight jeans and a leather jacket, where did he go?

Let me just say there is no Yo Gabba Gabba in our house anymore, and I’m extra careful to check the TV guide before watching other childrens shows.
After all, you never know which one of your teen band crushes will make a guest appearance.