The right fit

Do you like to browse through clothing catalogues via mail or online?

Have you had the latest catalogue arrive in the mail or via email with some fabulous, well priced clothing items that you decide would look great? The other day I was sitting down in the evening sorting through the mail (looking through the clothes, jewellery and cosmetics catalogues) when I came across a great long sleeve t-shirt dress I had been looking for.
The next day I excitedly scoured the store clothes rack for the dress and headed to the change room, only to be disappointed that the fabric didn’t skim my body lovingly like the model in the picture.

So I missed out on my magic clothes item. I’m no longer a size 12 and I’m ok with that. It has taken me years to accept my body shape and the many changes that have taken place with my body over the years but I get frustrated that dresses in larger sizes are wider but no extra length is added to many of them.

So enough about my sad clothes moment. I decided to turn it around and shake it off and search for the black dress I wanted and found it. I discovered this lovely lace trimed Lily Loves tshirt dress instore at Target Australia . Only available in grey online , but available in most Target Australia stores in Black.