Tips for heading back to work

So you’ve decided to head back to work or your maternity leave has ended.
You may be worrying about how you will cope or picturing yourself under a giant pile of washing, dishes and paperwork with the addition of some hungry crying kids hanging off you.
It’s ok, you’re not alone.

I’m here to say you can do it. It will take a while to get your flow but as I’ve discovered having a good routine is important to keeping your life together.

Reflecting on my return back to work 20 months ago and how much more prepared I could have been made me want to share my tips to hopefully help make the journey a bit easier for others.

My top 10 tips to develop a good routine:

1. Grab yourself a good meal planner and use it
2. Cook and freeze ahead even if it’s just two different dishes it will save you stress when you have hungry children and are tired.
3. Don’t say I’ll do it in the morning – make sure things are tidy before you go to bed including dishes, benches, floors and play areas (each day should be feel like a fresh start)
4. Have everyone’s clothes out ready for the next day the night before and bags packed.
5. Hang bags up, put shoes away as soon as you get home and teach your kids how to do this as well (miss moo, 30 months, already knows that her shoes and bag go in her room when we arrive home)
6. Set a time to leave the house to drop kids off and head to work and stick to it.
7. Shop online for food and have it delivered if you can (the last place you want to be after a busy day is the supermarket)
8. Prioritise and break up the housework so it is spread over the week or better still get a cleaner in once a fortnight to do the big clean if it’s in the budget.
9. Organise your bag so it contains some quick fixes such as snacks for yourself, lip balm, concealer, deodorant, bobby pins and chewing gum or breath mints
10. Set out with a positive attitude (you’ve got this!)

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself and leave some time in your day to enjoy the moments.

Jules ❤️