Breastfeeding and heading back to work

Continuing to breastfeed when you head back to work can be challenging but it is achievable.
You will need to be dedicated and willing to persevere. From my perspective the rewards have been well worth it and I am still breastfeeding Miss moo (2 1/2) in the evening.

When miss moo was 10 months old my paid maternity leave ended and I returned to work part time. Up until then she had been fully breastfed and had not been introduced to breast milk in a bottle. This was a bad move and took us weeks to get her used to taking it from the bottle. I even had to leave the room, as if I was nearby she would refuse. In hindsight I believe that even if you aren’t returning to work it really is a good idea to introduce breast milk from a bottle as well as from its natural source. I have also had a friend who was seriously ill and unable to have her 4 month old baby in hospital, and the baby refused to take breast milk from the bottle for her husband. The baby was then offered formula through necessity. The end result was heartbreaking for my friend who had wanted to breastfeed for much longer.

Before returning to work it is a good idea to talk to your boss to see if there is an area that is private enough to express during your breaks.
For me there wasn’t due to renovations and limited spaces so I became accustomed to expressing in my car with the sunshade up (not ideal).

Freeze some breast milk ahead of time if you can to ease the load.
Breast milk can be frozen and stored for up to three months in a freezer with a separate freezer.
More information about storing breast milk can be found on the Australian Breastfeeding Association website .

Items You will need :
* A small cooler bag
* A good breast pump that runs on batteries or is rechargeable
* Bottles (many breast pumps come with a few but you will need many more. You can buy bags to freeze breast milk in but I found this to much doubling up
* A steriliser. I had a microwaveable one.
* Patience (you will have to sit and micromanage eating your lunch etc.

When miss Moo turned 1 we introduced her to cows milk which she does like but I found at the end of the day breastfeeding was her way of reconnecting with me.

How long you breastfeed is a personal choice and not really anyone’s business. I believe miss moo will give it up herself soon and until then I’m not stressing.

There are many benefits to breastfeeding and you can read some here .
Breastfeeding is a choice and I’m not here to jump on my soapbox and tell you that you have to breastfeed or you are a bad parent. There are many reasons that people choose not to breastfeed and sometimes the choice is taken out of our hands as mums, or the struggle is to great. This happened to me after having my first child so I want to start by saying that as fellow mothers we need to support each other in our decisions.

We may not always agree but we need to be kind to each other and respectful of peoples parenting choices.

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