Imagine my excitement when after 15 years of giving birth to our gorgeous miss teen I purchase a pregnancy testing kit on the way home from work. After following the directions the blue lines appear. 16 tests later I come to the conclusion that perhaps I am pregnant.

I’ve got to tell you that this was not an oops I’m pregnant moment. This was 15 years of being told that I couldn’t get pregnant and my endometriosis and fibroids would make it impossible.
Thankful that we had four healthy children we had let our dream of adding to our brood go.

I told Mr T + T by texting him this.

Not thinking at the time that we have older daughters.
Mr T + T responded by quickly phoning and asking what the hell was going on and being slightly agitated before being told that it was my test.
Dead silence happened before a few tears of joy were shed by us both.

We waited as long as we could to tell family and friends ( 31/2 months was as long as we could contain our excitement) . We were ready for all the questions that came but these ones :
1. Was it planned?
2. Aren’t you too old ? ( I was 41)
3. Why would you have a baby now ?

For us this was our longed for miracle and as some of these questions were asked by people we never dreamed would have this response I was shattered.
Adding to this on our first visit to the doctor we were asked if we wanted to go through with the pregnancy at my age which added to the risk factors.
I am so thankful that I have a wonderful husband that has a constant shake it off attitude and had constant quick comebacks.


After consuming one to two mangoes a day, two weeks overdue and watching Mrs Browns boys with all of our kids home but one, I announced my waters had broken.
All thinking I was joking they stayed seated while I collected my hospital bag and started heading for the door . Fast forward and missing all the finer details the next day we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world.

I am so aware that the journey to having children is heartbreaking for many and I’m not saying wait till you are older to have kids but I am going to say that everyone has a different journey or are on one in regard to having children.
What age should you be when you have kids ? How many kids you should have ? And the many other questions related to bringing life into the world are questions you should discuss with your partner and consider yourself.

What it’s really like parenting again in my forties.

* I need a walking frame to get around ( ha ha just joking )
* I don’t sweat the small things ( socks are inside out but you put them on yourself =
you’re awesome)
* Shoes need putting on and we are in the middle of shopping aisle ( sorry but you will have
to go around because I’m the annoying parent sitting on the floor with my two year old )
* If you hear a parent singing twinkle twinkle little star or a wiggles song in the shop
loudly with a two year old then it’s probably me.
* The football wave with added cheering means that wee or poo has been done in the potty by
our two year old
* I know that the time goes quickly and although I can steer our Girl in the right direction
she needs a little room to develop her own likes / dislikes and personality.
* I’m never going to be the perfect parent (sigh

Being open to life and what it brings is part of the journey.

Enjoy the moments
Jules ❤️