Nurofen Heat Patches

In our family sports injuries, muscular pain and the dreaded period pain make regular unwelcome appearances. So when I was approached to trial Nurofen heat patches I was a willing receiver.

Working in labour intensive jobs can put strain on your muscles and body. Mr T + T (hubby) works long hours on the mine site and often suffers from shoulder pain or lower back pain. Rest is never an option when working a two week roster so he has often come home in need of a shoulder massage.

So I sent some of the Nurofen heat patches along with Mr T + T to work. After a rough night sleep with a sore shoulder he decided to trial out one of the heat patches. The self adhesive side of the patch made it easier to apply and the pain subsided for him within the first hour.

The box doesn’t mention using the patches for period pain but as I suffer from major pain during this glorious week us women are blessed with I decided to see if the patches would help reduce the pain I get in my lower back. I put one of the patches on and headed off to school to teach my class for the day. I have to say that the heat from the patch was very soothing and reduced the pain so much that I forgot that I was even wearing the patch, until during mat time it fell out on the floor and I found myself explaining what it was to the staff in my classroom (if you were to look quickly at the patches they do resemble panty liners). The patch re-applied easily and the adhesive lasted for the full day.

After the initial laughs, I had some very curious questions about how the patches work and where to purchase them from.

Nurofen Regular Heat Patches

Nurofen Heat Patches are good for 8-hour relief of muscular pain and stiffness of the back, neck, shoulders or other muscular areas, without the need for medicines.

The Heat Patches activate immediately and start to warm up in 5 minutes to provide up to 8 hours of warming relief for muscle pain and stiffness in the back, neck, shoulder or other areas.

How do they work?

The heat patches increase blood flow to painful areas, helping to soothe sore muscles.

Information on where to purchase Nurofen Heat patches can be found

More information about the Muscular pain, prevention and treatment can be found on the Nurofen site.
As with all treatments it is important to follow the written directions on the box and medical advice.

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