Too Busy Sleeping – Zanni Louise & Anna Pignataro (Book review)

When I was recently given the opportunity to be sent a copy of the delightful book Too Busy Sleeping written by Zanni Louise to review I jumped at the chance.

    Too Busy Sleeping : Zanni Louise & Anna Pignataro (Little Hare books 2015)

Recently I have been busy reflecting on what it was like when we first brought Miss Moo home over 2 years ago. How many hours our family would sit and watch her sleep, move, breathe and just be. Especially her sister Miss Teen who had waited 15 years to get a younger sibling.

She would wait and check constantly to see if her baby sister was awake just to be the first one to pick her up and play with her.

So many siblings just like our Miss Teen but younger have spent hours waiting to play or interact with the new family addition.

Too busy sleeping tells the wonderful tale of a little girl who is anxiously anticipating her baby brother waking from his sleep. Pignataro’s illustrations are absolutely divine and a perfect match for the story.

Like most brothers and sisters, when a new sibling is brought home Eleanor wants to play with her baby brother.

Throughout the story Eleanor continues on throughout her daily activities with family members, patiently waiting for her brother to wake up.

When reading this beautiful book to my students they were captivated and identified with Eleanor having to wait for her baby brother to wake up, with a few having recently born siblings. A big sigh of relief was let out when Eleanor finally got to play with the baby.

Although our youngest (2) won’t be having any younger siblings, she adores babies and has asked me to read her Too Busy Sleeping many times.

Too Busy Sleeping would make a wonderful addition to the family library for those welcoming a new sibling, cousin or those just looking for a well written and beautifully illustrated book.

You can purchase your own copy of Too Busy Sleeping from Bookworld here

(Note: I received a copy of Too Busy Sleeping for the purposes of review. I have not received any money for this post. Thank you for sharing your delightful book with me Zanni, and big congratulations!)

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