Break out your stripy socks!

It is just before 6am and I’m accousted by Miss 2 climbing all over me and demanding to watch Lah – Lah. Stripy socks, the harmonious sounds of the double bass, saxophone, drums, the piano accordion and the wonderful voice of Tina Harris (Aka Lah – Lah) have been making regular daily appearances on our television screen and in our car. I am very happy to announce that I don’t mind a bit.
With 2 guitar playing daughters already, I’m hoping that Miss (Two) will be inspired to play an instrument herself.

Break out your stripy socks, I recently interviewed Tina Harris (Aka Lah-Lah ) currently on tour in Australia with her award winning live show with her Big live band across Australia – Visit Lah-Lah’s Live shows
Tina took the time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions.


Images supplied by Shikkah/Red Mera Vintage

Images supplied by Shikkah/Red Mera Vintage

How did the band get their name?

We actually originally named the group Wah-Wah after our youngest daughter who is very loud but when we went to register the name it wasn’t available so Lah-Lah seemed the next best name and was very musical

What have been the biggest challenges for you and the group?

I think the biggest challenge has always been to keep believing. We’ve been performing and touring for close to 7 years now. We just love what we do but it’s only now since the TV show began airing that things are really taking off. For us it’s always been about keeping true to what we are and that is a band that introduces kids to music and musical instruments.

What sets you apart from other Children’s performers?

I think families love the characters. I think that what really sets Lah-Lah a part from other groups is the caliber of the musicians on stage. All the members of Lah-Lah are professional gigging musicians and that energy is just amazing live. Every Lah-Lah show is different because when it comes to a solo, the band improvises and just plays. This really is unique for family entertainment and the audience just loves it.

Please share your most embarrassing/funniest moment as a performer?

Oh my best one to date has been getting ready for The Melbourne Recital Centre at the beginning of the year. I packed everything but forgot the red shirts so Tom Tom had to wear Buzz’s shirt and Tom Tom wore Squeezy’s spare shirt. I couldn’t believe it:) Buzz sometimes calls me Lola on stage which is pretty funny.

What do your children & Family think of Lah- Lah?

They’ve really grown up with Lah-Lah. When we did our first show Lily was 5 and she would get dressed up and come up on stage for the bows. I remember our lovely broadcaster at Nickelodeon asking “who was that child?” Lily and Emily are now 12 and and 10, they’ve gone through the “you’re so embarrassing mum and Dad!” to now understanding how hard everyone is working and being super proud of the sucsess. They often come and tour and help out with the crew.

Which Musical artist/performer do you admire and why?

I have a real mix bag of musicians I love. My favorite piano player is Brad Mehldau and I love Stevie Wonder. I guess I just love music.

What and who has been your strongest infuencer to continue performing?

I just love performing and I love meeting families after shows. For me, Lah-Lah has opened up a new creative side to both Mark and myself with writing music and show ideas. The creative part is really fun.

Do you wear stripy socks at home?

Um yes, I have some in my draw and the long ones are great to wear under boots. Emily often goes to school with her stripy socks on too!

What can people expect to see at your live performance?

A fun backed crazy adventurous musical show with some of Australia’s best musicians in stripy socks. We sing, we dance and we have a lot of fun with the audience. The show is interactive and I guarantee everyone will be captivated for the entire show!

Thank you for the interview Tina.
My two year old absolutely adores Lah – Lah on tv and we also listen to your music often in the car. We are looking forward to attending your concert in Perth in early December and meeting you in person.

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Thanks to the wonderful generosity of Lah-Lah I am also giving you the chance to win two tickets to see Lah-Lah’s Big live Band live at one of their Perth Christmas concerts of your choice : Saturday the 5th of December at Fremantle town Hall or Sunday the 6th of December. at the WA Italian Club
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