The last day of High School

Today is her last day of school. For 15 years she was the baby of the family. Today is the last day she will get up and put on her school uniform, pack her school bag and walk to school. The last day for years to come that I will be able to say I have a child in high school. I’m quiet this morning and she doesn’t know that I’ve spent the last few weeks thinking about the future. What she will do now, how I can support her best on her new journey in life and how she is feeling? 

Proud does not even begin to describe how I feel. 
The journey has come with many struggles and tears for our Miss Teen.
We moved from our hometown which we had lived since she was 6 months old. She left her friends who she had grown up with from a small country town of 565 people to move with us to a city by the ocean. We chose a private school for her to attend because after attending a secondary school with only 20 people in it we didn’t want her to be overwhelmed. Miss Teen Started a new high school at the beginning of year 9, made new friends and enjoyed the new changes.

Just as we thought we were all settled, our girl dazzled us with her maturity at the beginning of year 11, 2 weeks before school was due to start by sitting down with us and asking to attend the local public high school because they offered more subject choices.
I wasn’t sure that this was the right choice. We all know how long it can take to settle into high school let alone a new high school at the beginning of year 11 right, but we felt that if our 15 year old daughter had the maturity to approach us and had presented the pros and cons we needed to trust her.
So she changed, just like that. 

Her older siblings moved in and out numerous times, she finally got her wish for a younger sibling at 15. Not ideal timing,but she amazes me with the patience she has with Miss Moo and that she is happy to reaffirm that Miss Moo is her sister when people ask her how old her daughter is. 

Struggling with the stress of exams, figuring out what to do when she leaves school and the uncertainty of the future has been tough for Miss Teen, but when it comes to self care this girl has nailed it and taught me a lot on her way. Meditation, yoga, herbal tea and exercise are an everyday occurrence in her life. 

Today my baby girl walked to school for the last time as a high school student. Today my beautiful Miss Teen begins the next stage of her life.

This is only some of the journey, the rest of the book isn’t written, the pages are blank and waiting. I can’t wait to see what comes next and be there to share her journey from near and far.