Delivery service for parents

Its amazing how a combination of lack of sleep and too much caffeine can inspire your imagination.
There is home delivery for groceries, alcohol, take away food and almost anything else that your heart desires. But at 2am in the morning when you have just run out of the last nappy wipe, someone has used the last of the milk or the kids are finally asleep and you could happily consume a Tim Tam (or maybe a packet) none of these things are helpful.

Welcome to ‘Don’t worry we have it covered‘ delivery service.
Where we understand that you may have overlooked that you would go through more nappy wipes than intended this week (who would have thought that kids could poop so much).
Some un-thoughtful person drank all the milk and put the empty bottle back in the fridge (unreal).
You have been good all week but we all deserve a treat every now and again right? (Its ok, we wont tell anyone about the block of chocolate you may have consumed this afternoon with your coffee after work)
Most of all we really understand your desire for that glass of Wine or beer now that the kids are finally in bed after the twelfth call out for a glass of water.
We don’t care if you are wearing food and snot stained pyjamas. We are here to provide you with the supplies you need at 2am .

Has it been a tough week in your house? Did the 10 minutes sleep you managed last night not tie you over? Am I slightly delirious from lack of sleep, or would this service be accessed by many people? Who knows, but a Mum can dream can’t she?

Jules ❤️