What’s for dinner?

Note: This Product review was brought to you by Nuffnang and mission foods. Dinner time choices that the whole family will approve has been an ongoing challenge in our house . Add to this the limitations of work, time and the combination of hungry young adults, a teen and a toddler; who thinks that 5pm is dinner time. Every week we have dinner together as a family, Mr T & T is at the table via Skype if he is away at work. It is a time of laughter and it is very loud.

Mission foods producats are on our menu weekly. They are such a quick go to base product, taste great , are a great source of fibre and also contain no artificial colours or flavourings (a win for Mums). When our package arrived, the creative tastebuds went into overdrive and it was great timing as Mr T & T was home for our family dinner. I’m admitting here that when it comes to the kitchen and cooking I don’t stand much of a chance as Miss Teen loves to cook and create and Mr T & T is a wizz in the kitchen. I am often the allocated dishwasher duties (thank goodness we have a dishwasher).

Most of my family don’t like wholemeal or grainy bread but when it comes to the Mission Foods Red quinoa and chai wraps I have discovered that they are consumed with gusto when you top, them with delicious healthy choices.

Finger food that is fun and simple and can also be consumed at leisure takes the pressure off everyone and makes for a more enjoyable experience.

What we had for dinner

Top left & clockwise :  Quesadillas made with red Quinoa wraps, mini pizzas, chocolate/caramel and banana tortilla dessert stack (made with Chia wraps).

Top left & clockwise :
Quesadillas , mini pizzas , chocolate / caramel and banana tortilla dessert stack.

The hardest part of preparing these dishes was getting the kids to help with the clean-up afterwards.

Mission food products are Available in WOW and selected independent supermarkets, RRP $4.79.
You can also find some fantastic recipes on The Missions Food Webpage.