Wearing a frock for a good cause

In 2012, 933 deaths were caused by ovarian cancer in Australia alone.
There is currently no one test that can be used to diagnose Ovarian Cancer and the CA125 blood test and the transvaginal ultrasound are used to help make a diagnosis.
Frocktober is dedicating the month of October to raising money by encouraging people to wear a frock each day and register to raise money for ovarian cancer, and I hope you will follow along with me on Instagram and on my registered page as I join in with #teamkimbalikes this month .

Symptoms to watch out for

Life can get busy and the symptoms for ovarian cancer can often be very vague. If you have any of the following symptoms below please see your doctor ASAP.

•abdominal bloating
•difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
•frequent or urgent urination
•back, abdominal or pelvic pain
•menstrual irregularities
•pain during sexual intercourse

Ovarian Cancer Australia also has a downloadable Symptoms diary on their webpage here .

So you are probably wondering, besides the obvious facts, why I have chosen this cause to raise money for?

In our lives we all have people that influence and shape who we are and our beliefs. 
For me it was my Nana who helped raise me until I was 3 years old, and was there for me every day of my life until she died from Cancer at the age of 76.  Up until the day she passed away I really didn’t believe that she would ever not be here, after all she had always been there for me in every moment of my life and I often spoke to her twice a day. 

Nan on her 70th birthday  - She loved to laugh.

Nan on her 70th birthday
– She loved to laugh.

Wearing my skirt and top made by my Nan

Wearing my skirt and top made by my Nan

She was the most selfless person I know who lived frugally and would often give her last dollar to a stranger in need, leaving herself with just the basics. A seamstress by trade who made clothing often for myself and family members in my teenage years and our three eldest when they were young (our boys rocked their happy pants in many colours, and our eldest daughter always had a pretty dress or skirt handmade by Nan).
Not a day goes past when I don’t wish I could share something with her. 

So I am going to be wearing a dress each day for the month of October and none of them will cost over $50. Some will be sourced from secondhand shops, revamped and bargains. All of the dresses I wear will be comfortable. 
It’s not about the money spent on the dress, it’s about raising awareness and some much needed funds to find a cure for a terrible disease that robs many people of their lives and loved ones. If you feel a little generous then I’d love you to help me reach my goal to raise funds here.
More information about Ovarian Cancer can be found On the Australian Cancer Council website.. If you know anyone that is experiencing any symptoms listed above then please encourage them to see a doctor ASAP.

Jules ❤️