Keeping the romance Alive

Finding time together as a couple without the kids can be a challenge and also take a backseat to busy everyday life.

From the beginning of our relationship my husband and I have taken a once a year break away. Usually it has been for two nights and our kids have had a fun weekend with relatives or friends, but for the last 2 years life got in the way and we didn’t. Sure the wheels of our relationship turned steadily but we needed a break away. So we ran away together for the weekend and guess what? The kids survived and even had fun, we enjoyed ourselves and came back feeling refreshed.

Taking time out with each other doesn’t need to be expensive, but if you really want to stay connected and continue to build a fulfilling relationship with each other as a couple it needs to happen.

Lack of babysitting services and having young children at home can make going out challenging and sometimes you just can’t go far from home. It’s great to keep spontaneity in relationships and also a bit of fun. So here is where the fun comes in.

Why not create your own date night jar?

Date night doesn’t have to mean spending money, and there will also be times when going out is a possibility and you get to dress up!

    Here is how we created ours:

    Supplies :

    * 1 jar
    * Yellow, blue & purble popsticks (I purchased mine from the local party supplies shop)
    * White paint marker or correction pen
    * blackboard stickers (available at red dot or spotlight )

    We divided the colours for our popsticks into the following categories:

    Yellow : Get your glitter on, money is available to spend on this date and you have a babysitter
    Purple : Budget is limited but you’re still leaving the house
    Blue : Free stay at home date (think fun)

    Method :

    Decorate your jar and label it (if you like)

    Sit down after the kids have gone to sleep and write a list of date night ideas – write them on the appropriate colour popsticks (you can use my guide above or come up with your own)

    Put your popsticks in the jar

    Note : This jar is not just for display purposes. It’s time to get started this week, today even !

    You can find a list of date night ideas to get you started on Pinterest, but I really recommend you come up with your own together as it is part of the fun, and let me tell you many laughs were had creating ours.

    Being in a good healthy relationship takes effort, but remember you are more than simply your children’s parents. You are also one part of a relationship that needs nurturing to remain strong.
    Spending time alone as a couple is not only great for your relationship, but it gives your kids a chance to see what it means to be in a healthy relationship. Grabbing some time out as a couple can be like refuelling the car for the journey ahead, and remember it’s ok to take a break !

    Jules ❤️