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It’s been a slightly crazy week; with illness in our house, celebrating our youngest sons 21st, only 5 weeks of the school term left and 5 weeks and 5 days till Christmas (or 41 sleeps). The silly season is here and I’m also keeping my eye on some gorgeous people on Instagram for some summer holiday style inspiration. Here is what has been happening this week and some link loves to read (not sponsored).

Just when we thought the flu and sickness had been kicked to the curb it decided to make an appearance this week. Surviving the sleeplessness that is part of the process of having sick kids can be challenging to say the least. Here’s some ideas on how to keep your sanity over on Mumtastic. Sleep deprivation and hunger can also have you reaching for the junk food option when it comes to food, Smaggle has some great tips to stop eating crap.

Almost overnight we have 3 children that are over the age of 21. Time does fly when you are having fun, and what a wonderful journey it has been. What do you buy your son/daughter when they are turning 21? I found it much easier to buy for our eldest daughter when she turned 21 as there are so many beautiful jewellery choices out there. Red balloon has some great experience presents. 

Term 4 of the school year can be hectic as a parent. I discovered a bit of humour by scarymommy about the beginning and end of the school year. 

Some workplaces like to run a secret Santa. What can you buy for $20 or under that will still make you the best secret Santa gift giver?
Stay at home mum shared some great under $10 ideas and I found more inspiration here.

The warm weather is here and I’m loving the summer holiday feel of the clothing I’m seeing over on Instagram.
School holidays means days at the beach, catching up with friends, play dates for Miss Moo & long overdue coffee catch ups for me with friends. Some people to follow on Instagram:

Irismay style 
I love the way this lady puts together comfortable style with class 

Try some colour 
A working mum on a mission to inject some colour in her wardrobe and doing an amazing job.

Beachstyle Mum 
A fun mum showing of her great style.

The style within 
How cute is this gal. 

Showing us how to rock denim with such beauty.

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