Stripy fun and no tears !

It’s excitement plus this week as Miss Moo (our youngest child, 2) has been telling everyone who will listen that she got to meet Lah-Lahs big live band.

Just when I started to wonder if it was worth the tears, dollars and the whole process of getting organised to go through what can be a huge effort just to get there on time to see the entertainment only to leave before the show is even half way through… along came Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band!

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be guests to see Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band’s stripy Christmas show in Perth. Before the show started we met the members of Lah – Lah and Miss Moo had a turn at playing their instruments. I must mention here that at the end of all Lah-Lah’s concerts all of the children at the show are invited to talk to the band, and have a go at playing their instruments.

There is really something to be said for what some people consider to be old fashioned live family entertainment, and the other type where you pay big dollars for a seat where you will possibly see the entertainment on the big screens (if they are on). Over the past couple of weeks we have taken Miss Moo along to see both types.

I’m sure that there are many parents who will agree that there is nothing worse than paying big dollars to take your child to a concert only to have them crying to leave half way through. The running around to get your child dressed, re-dressed, bag of supplies packed, yourself looking semi respectable, get your struggling child into their car seat, navigate traffic and find parking has had many a parent asking themselves “What was I thinking?!” even before they got to the venue.

From the very beginning of the performance I could see parents and families relaxing and having fun alongside the children. There was no long wait and no long intermission for children to get restless in. Santa made a special guest appearance and joined the band on stage for some songs, and the audience was included in some of Santa’s antics as he hid from the band.

Thank you Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band for keeping family entertainment real and fun, and for sharing your wonderful talents with us.

If you would like to find out more about Lah- Lah then you can read my interview by clicking on here .

Jules ❤️