A digital thermometer that works

I’m not sure if it’s a case of Term 4 trials or just plain bad luck that our youngest two have been so sick lately, but I do know I’m counting down the hours and possibly even the minutes until school holidays start and I no longer have to juggle being a working Mum and sick children.

The constant coughing, runny noses and fevers that seem to make the grandest appearance at night time. Trying to figure out what our toddlers temperature is in the middle of the night without turning on to many lights really is a challenge, and getting the right temperature reading is so important when your child is sick. Trying to find a digital thermometer that works effectively and has a decent battery life has been a challenge in our house for many years.

Our gifted Dreambaby® digital response thermometer has been moved to an easily accessible spot in our houses and our other ones have been archived into the yet to be sorted old medicine chest.

Dreambaby® Digital response thermometers have :
* An extra large easy to read digital display
* Accurate temperature reading
* Oral reading in 8 seconds
* A long life battery 
* Fever alert light up indicator – which turns red if a fever is detected and green if a
normal temperature. (this has been one of my favourite features especially during the
middle of the night).
* And contains no mercury 

Usually we have a huge struggle trying to fumble in the dark trying not to wake our 2 year old daughter up when taking her temperature but with the light up screen we were able to easily not disturb her sleep. Plus the simple red or green light function makes it ridiculously easy to find out if your child has a fever when you have been woken in the early hours of the morning and are too exhausted to read the screen in the dark. It works really fast, which has been so great with Miss Moo as it is a huge struggle to convince her to let you put it under her tongue or armpit.

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