New year , New Me

2016 is here and I only just got used to writing 2015 down when writing the date. It’s a lovely time to set goals and reflect on the year that passed . The word resolution has been shouted on social media and been spoken out loud by many , perhaps even after a glass of New Year’s Eve champagne or two.

Setting Goals can be a bit overwhelming and let’s face it we all have a way of getting a little ambitious with our goals . So I’m trying to set mine by reflecting on the year that was .

Slower days 

2015 was a busy year for our family , so when Mr T & T suggested spending the remainder of it and home I may have sighed just a little . A combination of oh there goes my daydream of sipping cocktails on a beautiful beach somewhere while watching Miss Moo make a sandcastle and oh how nice it will be to have slower days at home.

We are having a holiday at home and I’m ok with that perhaps even a little excited about it but I have a big admission to make , I was a little upset initially when we made the decision , ok maybe I was more than a little upset ! We haven’t been on a family holiday for quite a while and all the fantastic holiday snaps Friends and family have posted have left me longing for adventure but this year has left our family racing through our weekends and Mr T + Ts time at home . It’s time for some family fun and some slower days in 2016.

Saving money 

I must confess when it comes to saving I’m not that good at it but lucky for me Mr T & T is and it really has paid off with some great after Christmas purchases .
I have a its on sale and a bargain attitude . So this year will be my year of spending less on unnecessary items and knuckling down . After all how else will we get to go on that dream holiday.


I know I’m a much nicer person to live with and be around if I exercise but I’m good at coming up with excuses not to. Exercise is an excellent way to reduce stress and it doesn’t have to cost anything . I’m setting myself up with an exercise buddy that lives with me : my second youngest child ( Miss Teen ). I’m also including it in my everyday activities by joining in morning fitness with my class and walking from daycare to work .

Three is the magic number for me and I’m keeping it real and achievable .
Do you like to set goals at the start of each year ?

Jules x