When one door closes

“We should have taken the door”.
I could see it troubled him and I knew it wasn’t about the door it was about moving on and letting go.
We had spent 14 years of our lives living in one place , creating memories , raising our children and being part of a community.

Before Christmas last year (2015) we sold our little house in a small town in the wheatbelt.
It was a good life and our time there will be fondly remembered but it was time to go , time to move on, time to make new plans , follow new dreams and dust of the cobwebs that had formed . I had felt them all around me and I didn’t know it or recognise the signs until we had moved.

The door was where we had recorded our childrens height over the years and something my wonderful husband had treasured doing over the years. It was a familiar step in his unpredictable daily routine where he could often be told that day that he would be away for an undefined amount of time driving trucks or working in the earlier years and then in his rostered working weeks as a FIFO dad.

As we all know children grow at an unpredictable rate and always when we are absent. I struggled with the idea of changing the door and bringing it with us and instead traced the measurements onto paper. Familiarity is what often keeps us grounded and moving through the mundane day to day tasks but sometimes it can hold us back without our own knowledge. One of the many things I love about my husband and fell in love with when I met him was he always has amazing dreams & ideas. It crept up over time but suddenly the light in him and I was dim , it was there on low and flickered. I breathed a giant sigh of relief and felt a weight off my shoulders the day he came home and said lets move.

How do you know when its time to move on ?
The signs are sometimes right in front of us , even slapping you across the face at times.
The feeling of being stuck , even cemented to the ground.
When you are asked a question related to your likes and dislikes and you don’t have an answer or you are no longer inspired to make plans.
When you feel that your location may be holding you back .
Its time.
Time to move.
Time to step out.
Time to take a chance.

Is it time to make a change in your life ? Is something holding you back or are you holding yourself back?

Jules x