Embracing Life

I am not exactly sure when it hit me, that feeling of slipping back into the old me . It’s easy you see it’s a glove I wore well for a long time. The door to the new is open but it really doesn’t take much to slip into old habits. Not being true to me and who I really am , not embracing life as much as I should.

It all unravelled right in the middle of a shopping trip with Mr T & T the other day.
He looked at me pleadingly while holding something that looked like it might cover one of my ass cheeks… maybe.
How amazing is this guy I thought , to think I could fit into that tiny string bikini without looking like a sausage stuffed into undersized casing. I smiled at him before ushering him to the dark side, well not exactly the dark side but the plus side.

After years of coming up with more excuses than a high school kid who hadn’t done their homework (and believe me I could tell you some you haven’t even imagined), I finally brought a bikini. It wasn’t stringy and wouldn’t give Elle or Jen Hawkins a run for their money but it was a bikini and one I will wear again.
For years I have been saying , When I have lost 15kgs I will buy a bikini and wear it to the beach but what if I wait and wait and wait or what if I come up with more excuses by the day not to.

embrace life

Let me tell you , it was liberating and lets just say about time I stopped worrying about what people thought. I’ve got curves and the usual attributes that having children serves up to us on a platter but that’s okay.
The bonus side to all this is Mr T & T was pretty impressed and proud of my bikini purchase and the fact I wore it to the beach.

My word for 2016 is Embrace.
Embrace life, embrace the moments & embrace the changes.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Jules x