Back seat driver

I have a confession to make . I am the worse backseat driver . I am used to being either the driver or the front passenger and being the in backseat means I’m not driving .

You know that feeling you get when you are at the top of the roller coaster ready to descend. The combination of fear, excitement and not knowing how you will feel at the end.
This is the feeling I have had countless of times over the years.

Teaching your own kids to drive can be a challenge especially when there are no brakes on the passenger side but sitting in the back of the car can give a whole different perspective of what is really happening . Seeing cars come towards you and having a clear view of the speedo can raise the stress levels from let’s stop off for ice cream to drop me off at the nearest pub and pick me up on your way home.

Combine this with the memories of travelling for hours in the car as a child across the Nullarbor on many trips squashed up in the back seat of the valiant station wagon with my siblings. Oh those memories of the smell of sweaty vinyl seats as air conditioning was a foreign word. Making good time was always high on my parents agenda so much of our scenic viewing was done at 100 KPH.

Being in the backseat means I’m not in control of what happens. Someone else is driving with the help of another person navigating . I’m not even the copilot !
So on our recent family day out I may have become a little anxious and at times held my breath as Miss Teen manoeuvred the car like a boss for the 11/2 hour journey.

The ocean looked damn fine when we arrived at our destination but I’d be lying if I said I was less stressed on the way home . So here’s my conclusion of what would make me a better backseat passenger:

  • Make sure I am so tired that I fall asleep for the whole journey
  • Load up my iPod with fantastic podcasts and music
  • Make sure that we have been out for a meal and polished off a bottle of wine before

Are you a good backseat passenger ?

Jules X




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