Owning the skills you have

Owning the skills you have or even knowing what they are is not something you really think of when you’re in high school. Recent memories brought me back to my high school years, where sitting on the bench next to my friend in year 10 one day I heard her repeat the same line I had heard many times before; “That stupid cow always gets everything she wants”. I remember Looking over to see Linda surrounded by her many fans, or so it seemed at the time. It seemed that Everything Linda touched turned to gold. I even concluded that if she had fallen over face first into the dirt the moment would have been forgotten in a millisecond.

Have you ever heard the saying Apples and Oranges? Both of these girls went on to live identical lives after high school. The only difference in their journey was Linda had something that everyone wanted; confidence. In fact she exuded it.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Many hours can be wasted on daydreaming our lives away. I’m not saying don’t dream, in fact dream big. I admire the way Cate Blanchett owns the character she plays in movies but im not an actor.
Its okay to admire the skills your friends and others have but be careful it doesn’t turn into envy.

Own the skills you have

Tell me about you. What are you good at?

Some of us are nurturers and love to make sure people are fed and looked after. Others are artists, organisers, mechanical, sewers or possess many more amazing talents.

A lovely friend is great at making preserves, catering and is a natural at adding the finishing touches to events that make it memorable. Forever busily trying to complete the University degree left her often deflated until she decided to embrace the skills she has and now makes her own preserves and caters for events.

Make a start at owning your skills by identifying what they are. Create a list on a piece of paper of what you believe you are good at (remembering not to undervalue your talents).
Keep your ideas in a place that you can see them or access them regularly, or if you really want to get creative you could create your own mood board. I found some great ideas over at Pinterest.

Owning your skills doesn’t make you arrogant. Its about finding your place, doing what you love and not blaming life or others for making you miserable.

Don’t let others decide what your skills are, get out there and own your skills with confidence!!

Jules x