10 fun ways to end your days

Are you days so busy that finding time for yourself is on the bottom of the list ?
Before you know it the weeks are passing you by and you just can remember the last time you did something you enjoy.
Do you want to inject some fun in your days but aren’t sure where to start? I’ve discovered some ideas that have help me enjoy my days more and decided to share them 10 of them with you.

There is more to life than eat , work , sleep repeat or if you’re a parent it may be more like ; Feed , coffee, work , wipe, wash , put to bed , is it morning already , repeat. So how can you add some goodness to the end of the day? I’m hearing you.

So here are 10 fun ideas to end your days:

  1. Grab yourself a cup of your favourite hot or cold beverage and head to a scenic destination before heading home or to pick up the kids.
  2.  Gather some of your favourite snacks and check out some Netflix (after putting the kids to bed)
  3.  After dinner go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful evening.
  4.  Head to the beach or your local park with the family for a picnic dinner.
  5. Plan a midweek movie catch-up with friends to add some excitement.
  6. Treat yourself to a foot or head/ shoulder massage.
  7. Take an exercise class (nothing makes you feel more energised or invigorated as exercise)
  8. Organise your own wine / cheese tasting evening at home (guests optional)
  9. Turn up the music (im not talking about the wiggles) and dance around your house with wild abandon.
  10. Grab your favourite magazine or book put your feet up and actually read it.

How do you like to end your day and what do you look forward to?

Jules x