Signs that you have a Threenager


Recently we were celebrating the joy of having a two year old . We had passed the mythical phase of terrible twos relatively unscathed. Until the reality struck us , we are now parents of a threenager .

The candles on the pink castle cake were blown out , the presents were opened , bouncy castle fun was had and plenty of popcorn , fairy bread , jelly and biscuits were consumed. We are now proud parents of a three year old who means business.

Its been creeping up on us like a seagull approaching a family picnic. Oh who am i kidding its been more like walking into a clear glass door because you forgot it was closed. Our little girl has turned into a threenager with sass.

Signs that you to have a threenager

  1. They are epically slow to get ready but want to play now
  2. They have no filter
    “Stop talking” , “I don’t like it” or “don’t sing” are words not just reserved for home
  3. You wonder if you are under house arrest when you hear “Stop laughing” , “sit down” , “I told you” and are followed to the toilet and give toilet paper rations.
  4. The fear of cutting a sandwich wrong or choosing the wrong plate or cup is all too real.
  5. Random acts of kindness are amazing and wonderful and often involve sharing a banana , sandwich or biscuit at a quick pace even if you have just finished your lunch.

All this aside the games of hide and seek , the cuddles and laughter are still the best.
Past experience guarantees though that this will pass as all stages of life do something to remember when being force fed banana at 6am in the morning while being told to share.

Jules x