School of hard knocks

Its tough out there being an adult in the real world.
I am not going to lie about it or sugar coat it to our children or you.
When it comes down to it, parenting styles aside, a choice had to be made whether to teach our children that you won’t always get what you want and yes you will have to earn it. This is why we chose to raise our children using the school of hard knocks philosophy.

Being a parent often means that you want to wrap your child up in cotton wool and protect them from the world constantly. Im telling you the urge never leaves you, ever! There are so many times when I just wanted/want to jump in there and put a bandaid on it. Sometimes I’ve stood there watching the freight train come and my children in the path of it but I know what will happen if I jump in and prevent the crash. I wont always be here and I cant be with my children (all 5) 24hrs a day.

What does it mean to raise your kids from the school of hard knocks?

  • We are going to always be there to listen to them, hug them and share the good and bad moments
  • We will not throw money at them or pay for everything – How will they learn the value of items or appreciate what they have if they never earn anything?
  • Our love for them is unconditional
  • We will always be honest with them if they are behaving badly no mater how old they are
  •  We will always make sure that they have what they need – Food, somewhere to live & love.
  • Its ok if they hate me sometimes, it means im doing my job properly
  •  We will teach them lifeskills – How to cook, pay bills, turn the electricity & gas on when moving house and budget.
  • We value their happiness. Whoever they choose to spend their lives with is their choice as long as they make them happy and treat them with respect and love.
  • Guiding them in their decision making and listening to them is our approach, rather than telling them what to do as they get older; and “I told you” is not a used phrase.
  • The fact that …….. parents are letting them go or do something wont influence our decisions.
  • The buzz word has been resiliency and how to teach children and adults how to be resilient but how can they be resilient without lifeskills?