10 Useful tips for a successful marriage

The ticking of the clock broke the silence in the room as I used every ounce of energy to welcomed you into the world . You took in your surroundings before letting out a mighty cry . Always taking the time to inspect your surroundings before taking your chosen path with steely determination. This determination will be the wheels that drive you through life if used wisely .

In a few weeks time my son you will marry your love . I have had the privilege of watching you both grown together and look forward to welcoming your beautiful fiancée officially into our family.

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree especially when it comes to being stubborn so I am here to share 10 useful tips for a successful marriage .

  1. You have chosen to share your life and love through the commitment of marriage . The key word here is commitment. When things are tough communicate with each other.
  2. Love her just as she is . You will both have annoying habits . Don’t kid yourself into thinking she will change once you’re hitched. You knew those things when you made that commitment .
  3. Put the toilet seat down . Repeat , the toilet seat needs to be put down.
  4. Tell and show your wife that you love and care for her often. Laugh  , dance , hold hands and be spontaneous as often as possible .
  5. You are equal partners . you both have dreams , goals and ambitions and neither persons are more important .
  6. Words can’t be taken back and can cut like a knife .  Choose yours wisely when disagreeing and never go to sleep angry.
  7. You are both individuals. Keeping your own interests is just as important as having common ones.
  8. Work hard to reach your goals together both life goals and financial – Don’t argue about money .
  9. Be faithful – cheating is more than just physical it is also emotional . Be emotionally accessible to each other
  10. Be a united front when it comes to making decisions and be mindful not to complain to your friends or family about your spouse. Long after the dust is settled your words will be remembered.

Marriage isn’t easy and building a strong marriage takes work , love and patience but it is so worth it .