Bunchems – encourage imagination

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Bunchems

I have to admit , that as a consumer when it comes to toys I am a big critic. Flashing lights , electronically activated movement or anything where no interaction other than watching is required wont win me over.

So when I was given the opportunity to review Bunchems they ticked one of my priority boxes ; Bunchems are designed to encourage children to use their imagination ✔. Bunchems are recommended for children 4 years and over but our 3 year old had a great time with us exploring , creating and engaging with them.

What are Bunchems

“Combining construction with craft”. Bunchems are furry “burr” like plastic spheres that magically stick together to build and create. Here is the part grown-ups will love ; No glue is required and Bunchems can be used over and over to create flowers , cars or many other creations.

Here’s What we discovered about Bunchems

  • They are easily manipulated
  • The colours are bright ( great for identifying , sorting and colour pattern activities )
  • The extra pieces – sunglasses, hats etc. provide opportunity for conversations and speech
  • There are loads of things to build with them and they provide children with sensory opportunities.
  • They can be packed away easily ( just scrunch them in a ball)

Take a look at the fun we had 

Do you know someone who would like Bunchems and what would they create ?

Note : It is important you supervise play around little ones as the Bunchems can get caught in loose fabric or hair if the kiddies are left to their own devices. They are great for parent and child play, which is great because they are a lot of fun to play with (even for adults)! If they do get tangled you can easily remove them, there is a tutorial for this