So what you’re crap at some things

Growing up, I always felt that I needed to be the best at something in order to make my mark on the world. Now I know owning what I’m crap at helps me focus on the stuff I’m good at.

Watching the olympics inspired me to trial gymnastics (this lasted 2 whole lessons ). I tried many different activities when growing up, and just as my dream of becoming the next music legend faded with the fact that I couldn’t play a guitar, I discovered that I was good at other things.
As an adult I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some things I’m just going to be crap at and I’m okay with that – because I’ve discovered things that I am good at that have come in handy, and I’m still discovering more.

Heres what Im crap at –

Mowing the lawn

Don’t get me wrong I can mow with the best of them but I’m not as passionate about it as my neighbours, who could possibly give the better homes and gardens crew a run for their money. I don’t do straight lines well because I’m an outside the box person and I just want to get it over with. 

Making pinterest worthy kids birthday cakes

For years I used to make my kids birthday cakes that I spent hours decorating. I must say I was pretty impressed with my efforts and would easily rate them as at least two levels above the ones in social media that are headed NAILED IT. Now its all about time and sleep and I outsource my kids cakes. To the Mums that make theirs and are awesome at this; I have to say I admire your amazing intrinsicly iced Frozen themed birthday cake (do you have a business card?).

Long phone conversations

SMS is my favourite phone communication or ‘let’s catch up for lunch and laughs so you can tell me what you have been up to’.
I enjoy catching up with friends & family and I really am an awesome listener, but I don’t think I would make a good therapist. I’m not really that interested in your sister’s, friend’s, cousin’s wart.

For all those Mums who get their aunty to bake the cakes for the cake sale, we know you are secretly ace at other things that we don’t always see and we all need that person to organise events, lead the self defence class …….

Are there things you are Ace at but keep to yourself?