Why I’m spoiling my kids

I will never forget the day a total stranger told me that I was spoiling my child and would regret it later. At the time I had no comeback line. I was a first time Mum and on the early road to discovering my parenting style .

Now I know that I am happy to be the parent who spoils my children. Im not talking about raising self indulged , what I want I get brats . Im spoiling my kids with love , my time ( well as much as I can while still sleeping for some of the night ) and reassurance that if today wasn’t so great that tomorrow is a fresh start.

I admit it ; I still pick up and cuddle /carry my 3 year old when she is tired or wants a hug and my heart may have just broke a bit the other day when I was walking through the shops and a toddler was crying with his arms up and his parents told him he was too big and needed to walk.

My stint as the hovering helicopter parent was brief and more than likely due to the fact our second eldest child liked to jump out of trees from the second highest branch while shouting¬† ‘ Catch me ‘ , at the age of 2. I realised that I might not survive the next week if I didnt know when to stand back a bit.

I could never make it past the stand back but be ready with the firetruck and parachute if you need it parent but after nearly 24 years of parenting Im happy with this method and it seems to be working out okay .

To the stranger in the shop 23 years ago who said my child would be spoilt if I picked her up when she cried the first time I say ; Thanks for you input but most of my kids have grown into well adjusted adults and the other one is doing well because if this means kids are spoilt then I hope it catches on and parents spoil their children.
Jules x