Getting away from it all including technology can be bliss. No technology and time to sit and relax , laugh and not be clock watching .

Over the years camping has been our affordable escape especially with kids . Camping Mr T + T style meant open fires , no toilets and waking up to the sound of wild goats on one occasion.

We progressed as the kids got older and stayed in places where there were toilets and showers but for me some of the best trips have been where there has been no phone signal .

Now we only have two kids at home I am dreaming of an island holiday where relaxation is the theme .

Europe has been luring me ever since I can remember but I know its a while away . So for now im aiming for the island holiday .

I used to think that people were crazy heading to holiday destinations to lie by the pool , be pampered , go to theme parks and eat nice food until I had kids and combined a busy life of work and being a Fifo wife .
Now im just a little excited about a tropical island holiday . Will someone please hand me my welcome cocktail and what time can I book in for that massage ?
Jules x