Dear Bully

Bullies only have power over you if you let them but as a child you are still building resilience. Words can cut like a knife and one simple sign of being weak can lead to others joining the bullies pack.

As a parent it broke my heart whenever my kids were bullied or if they ever watched other people being bullied.

Throughout my high school years I was a long term victim of bullying and it resulted in me often wagging school just to avoid the bullies.
Years later I have the confidence that I lacked in my younger years but a few friends along the way sadly lost their fight to calm the voices that had implanted themselves in their daily thoughts and they ended their lives.

So I am here sharing my letter to you dear bully

Dear bully,

You crave attention because without it you feel ordinary. There are some things that you do not know ;
It is hard work keeping an army of followers and many of your followers are with you through fear , fear that they to will be on the recieving end if they dont join you.
The person you are bullying may already be a victim of emotional abuse at home or a sufferer of anxiety . Your words may just be the last thing they can handle or the one thing that tips them over the edge.
You can change things today before everyone discovers ‘ That quite possibly you are harbouring a secret that has made you retaliate or you are a very lonely person because as a bully you can trust no one or show no vunerability.

One day you will be someones boss , partner , parent , Aunt or Uncle. Will you continue your bullying into your adult life and how will you feel if your child or niece or nephew are bullied ?

Sincerely Not a victim anymore

If you suspect that your child is being bullied at school or as a young adult then some great tips can be found here :
Jules x