Living the dream

Why is it that fly in day never goes as I envisioned it . I dream about looking my very best and waiting inside the doors with our gorgeous girls as my husband walks through the airport entry doors but the reality is chaos.
Its fly in day and after 2 long weeks of hubby working  away I think I have it all sorted and that morning as I leave for work I feel that sense of ease that all will go well with our airport pickup today .
I try not to be distracted in the afternoon meeting at work and find myself checking the time on my fitbit at regular intervals. My phone screen lights up even though its on silent and the snapchat icon comes up , I  turn the screen off and smile to myself at the thought of finally having hubby home . Reality snaps me back quickly and I am involved in the discussion happening . As the meeting winds up I check my phone and see the message that the plane is coming in earlier .
I have one errand to run so after grabbing my second youngest girl I run in and collect what I need . As we rush to daycare to collect miss moo I call our son Mr Wings who works at the airport and hear him say the words that dash my daydreams ‘ The plane is just landing ‘.
I try to contain my tears and hold it together but a flood of emotions comes over me and tears roll down my cheeks as I continue driving to the airport while our girls excitedly giggle in the car. As we reach the airport I pull over in the pickup zone and seeing that he is not outside the girls run in to great their Dad.
As I try to gather my emotions I realise that it all doesnt matter , late , in my trackies or however I make it to Fly- in day . We made it through another two weeks. I look up and my tears change to those of happiness as I see him walk towards the car holding Miss Moo and laughing with our children walking either side of him.
He gets in the car and says ” Hi babe Im home” .
Jules x