Must have Pocket Dress

Pockets are a fabulous addition to store your keys and treasures.

Forget the fake pockets that tempt you with the possibility that you can put your phone in them or loose change only to disappoint.

Its got to be real or nothing for me.

So let me tell you about a dress with pockets that has become a wardrobe staple.
When my Must have pocket dress arrived from clothing click, I didn’t waste time trying it on and wearing it. It is such a great dress to style day or night. With the simple addition of a pair of winter stockings, a jacket or a scarf. I have had a lot of fun wearing this dress.


Plus it was perfect for date night.


The Must have pocket dress comes in orange as well as black and clothing click has a 10% discount if you use the code : MUSTHAVE at checkout.
Jules x

Note – This item was gifted to me and no payment was made for this review. Views and information are all mine.