I have always been a big believer of keeping it simple when it comes to skincare, but I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t tried and tested a few products in hope of glowing skin. Recently I was given the opportunity to trial Skincerity – an  easy to use mask that is rolled on to the skin as a liquid at bedtime and it flash dries in seconds to form a flexible, micro-porous masque that protects the moisture barrier and enables the skin to rehydrate.

Over the years I have been through many stages of skin suprises. Beginning in my teens where acne made an unwelcome appearance then when I became pregnant for the first time my skin became discoloured in patches and the latest arrival  has been dark circles and eye bags. Yes, lack of sleep has played a large part but it comes with the territory of parenthood. This is me uncovered before my skincerity trial.


Unlike many creams or lotions, Skincerity is non-comedogenic, which means that it does not clog pores. Removal of Skincerity in the morning provides a gentle exfoliation that lets new skin cells surface to reveal brighter, fresher-looking skin. When I opened my bottle of Skincerity for the first time an acetone scent was evident which at first was off- putting (the acetone is not absorbed by the skin), it was easy to roll on , cooling and refreshing and when it dried it quickly became a thin dry mask. 4 weeks later and the results are pleasing. The discolouration in my skin has been reduced and my dark circles are not as dark.


Here is some more information about skincerity. At $89 it is on the higher end of my beauty budget , but it would last 1 month if used correctly on the face and neck . For more details on how to purchase Skincerity and other associated products please click on the picture below or contact Amalia –

Promo Code 2016 AZ

Editors note – This product was gifted to me to review . No money or profit from reviewing this product or from sales of this product has or will be made. All opinions are my own.

Jules x