How to eat chocolate covered peas

‘You need to take the good with the bad ,is a term that never really sat well with me. Who the hell wants to eat chocolate covered peas , I know I don’t ,but life happens.

So today is not turning out the way you planned. No skittle pooing unicorns dusting their magical glitter across your path and you really would like to just retreat to your bed and hide under the covers ?

Some days are just crappy but they don’t have to stay like that. Here are some great ideas that work for me.

Watch your favourite childhood movie or show
Time to wrestle the remote from the kids and search Netflix or Itunes. Let Alf , the monkees, Full house or the characters from your favourite childhood TV show give you that much-needed belly laugh.

Grab your picnic blanket and head outdoors
Grab your hat and sunscreen or woollen hat and jacket and head to your local beach or park. Being outside can give you are a whole new perspective and fresh outlook. Breathe in the fresh air and watch the world pass you by.

Turn up the music and dance
Dancing to your favourite songs can help you shake of the blues and increase your brains dopamine levels. So grab your playlist and get your groove on.

Bring out the old photo albums
Sharing memories and photos whith loved ones or a friend is a great way to break the slump. A trip down memory lane can help revive some of the goals you once had or make new ones.

Plan a holiday
Planning a holiday can help dust off the cobwebs and give you the incentive to keep going . It doesn’t have to be Europe if it’s not in the budget . Even just a long weekend to a nearby destination can be great or if you are needing that much-needed break really soon , why not book into your local hotel with a pool and spa and escape.

If all else fails then don’t forget to pick up the phone and have a virtual cuppa with a family member or friend who you know will make you smile or laugh.