There is always an element of struggle and juggle going on if you are a working parent. The struggle to be good at the most important role of parenting and being a kick ass employee. In amongst this somewhere is taking care of you. To do this somethings have to be let go of and somedays your mantra will just be ‘NOT TODAY’.

I count myself as one of the lucky people , I get to work in a job that I am super passionate about and when im at work I give 100% to being present and to my Job. I also get to work with incredibly dedicated people (always a bonus) but in order to do this in a high intensity job means that many days can end in exhaustion (not the best way to enter into parenting mode). Mr T + T works away for 8 months of the year and our youngest child is 3. Walking in the door at home means you need to be prepared for all the requests for Food , stories and my favourite part cuddles. I was dragging myself through the door and grumpy. Running on empty and two iron transfusions later. The reality hit me hard.

Something has to give
Always the hardest thing to do is admit it to yourself that you aren’t wonderwoman and you don’t have super human strength to draw on at the end of the day. Then it is a matter of making some tough decisions on what is going to go; giving up my cape but keeping the boots for me meant dropping a day off work. So its what I did. But It took me 3 weeks to officially do it because I was in denial. I was self talking myself into keeping the cape but when I did it It felt great. On my day home It is just about being Mum and having fun.

I am learning that sometimes you just need to say ‘NOT TODAY’.

Jules x

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