What Homecoming is really like for a FIFO wife

Finally. You made lt through and entire swing (two , three or more weeks of your partner working away). You’re excited. Your image of homecoming is very much like a scene from one in an old war movie. You immaculately preened and if you have children they are standing by your side with no sign of Vegemite smears to be seen.

Head to any FIFO discussion forum and you will be amazed and impressed by the effort that many women put in to making sure they look fantastic for pick up day.
Waxed , shaved , tanned , hairstyled , manicured and outfit ready so that they can greet their loved ones in their best form.

Here is what my effort looks like.



Search madly for the perfect combination of effortlessly stylish while still being comfortable.


Cover up dark circles under eyes


Chase child around while putting clean clothes on her and wiping face.
Run out the door with child under one arm,carrying bag and putting shoes on.

Drive to the airport as quickly as possible while keeping within speed limit. Arrive late because plane arrived early or waiting because plane is 3 hours late.

Then this moment happens and I realise that all the preparation was all worth it.

Jules x