What are you worth ?

“Thanks for that “. Feeling like I was being dismissed , I walked out feeling deflated , got in my car and drove home that day and many more after that feeling shattered and robbed of my self worth. Piece by piece I was allowing my joy for my job and what it meant to me to be taken away. Have you ever asked yourself the question ; what am I worth ?

I would like to say that my worthless journey was short lived but Id be lying. It went on for way too long until one day I was driving home feeling exhausted on the same route passed the beach that I loved so much.
When was the last time I felt the sand under my feet ? It had been too long. I detoured that day back to the beach and feeling the sand under my feet and taking in a deep breath the reality hit me. Self worth comes from within and the value I place on myself is under my control.

Is it time to stop people from stealing from your self worth bank before the vault is empty?

If you are the person who works hard to make sure things run smoothly without flying your own flag propping up others can take a lot of work.

Some things to consider.

Your attitude towards yourself and your skills holds value. Self talk and fobbing off compliments from others about your skills is taxing and self denial. There is a difference between being humble and arrogant. It is ok to own your skills.

It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to people please. After all we all want to keep management happy with us. If our boss is happy with us then it makes work a happier place to be. Or does it ?

Finding yourself saying yes to everything and everyone can leave you spreading yourself too thin.

Reminding yourself that your achievements are what you do and how they make you feel, not how others perceive them.

Celebrate your achievements often after all you are worth it !

Jules x