Gingerbread Playdough

The holiday season can be a combination of hectic and excitement. As a Mum I am lucky that our older Kids enjoy stepping in and completing activities with their youngest sibling. Our eldest really enjoys Art and Craft , so getting covered in glue or glitter is not a problem. With Christmas approaching I thought it would be lovely to have a post written by her. She also shares her makeup tutorials on YouTube

Hello ladies (and gentlemen)! Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year! I might join in on the usual complaining about spending so much money and seeing distant relatives that can be a bit.. overwhelming – but in actual fact the pluses for me far out way the negatives.

I love having an excuse to over decorate the entire house, and I love making (and eating) food! I do regular craft activities with my youngest sister (3), and Christmas is another fabulous excuse to make more decorations and food! Today we decided to make some Ginger Bread play dough and decorate the gingerbread people with some bits and pieces.


To me Christmas is all about spending time with those who mean the most to you. For me that is my family, and my partner and his family. I feel that too many people don’t enjoy Christmas because they force themselves to do things they don’t enjoy. If you don’t want to see that crazy Aunt or Grandma who is loudly racist in public, don’t! This doesn’t mean that you don’t love them, only that you may need to spend this Christmas doing something for yourself. Don’t want to cook an entire Christmas lunch for 20 people? Go out for a bring and share picnic or go out somewhere you like to eat.

While it is a time of giving and to think about others, don’t forget about yourself this Christmas!
Much love, The frosted donut xo


Here is the recipe we used:
No Cook Ginger Bread Playdough recipe

4 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 tspn cinnamon
1 tspn ginger
1/2 cup oil
1 cup water
craft glitter

Stir in a large bowl with a spoon until well mixed. Add more water or flour as necessary. Take out of bowl and knead playdough until the right consistency.